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Gas Filling

Gas Filling Services

Scuba Geek can fill various gasses for Scuba, Paintball, Beer and Beverages.

Air and Nitrox

We of course do air and Nitrox fills for SCUBA.  Air and Nitrox fills are currently $6.00 per fill for a standard aluminum 80 scuba tank. Our nitrox is banked so there are no special tank cleaning requirements for fills up to 36% Nitrox. We do bank 32% Nitrox as that is our most common gas request.

Trimix and Deco Gasses

We also do Trimix, Oxygen and Nitrox fills over 40% for decompression.  We do require tanks to be Oxygen cleaned for any mixes over 40% and many Trimix fills, although we can do Trimix 21/35 and 18/45 fills using banked Nitrox.

Paintball Fills

Scuba Geek does both CO2 and High Pressure Air (HPA) fills for paintball applications.


Home Brew and Beverage CO2 Fills

We do have CO2 available for filling liquid CO2 tanks for Home Brewing and carbonated beverages. We fill all CO2 tanks up to 15 pounds.

Note: Please e-mail or call us to arrange an appointment for our gas filling services