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Scuba Geek Offers Quebec (FQAS) Certification

Quebec Diver Certifications (FQAS) are available from Scuba Geek. Diver level certification for Quebec are divided into 4 classes.  Class A,B,C and D.


Contact us Today if you'd like to receive certification for Quebec.





Some Pricing Changes

Due to volatility in the Canada/US exchange rates we have modified the store software to convert USD prices to Canadian dollars.  The store will now show all prices in Canadian dollars and you will be checked out in Canadian dollars. All product base prices are in USD and the price will be converted to CAD by the software. Your invoice will show both prices. This change will allow us to keep our prices as low as possible no matter what the exchange rates do in the future.


There may be a few products that are now mis-priced.  If you notice a discrepancy please let us know and we will adjust the pricing.


TDI and SDI classes now available at Scuba Geek


SDI and TDI Coursea are now available from Scuba Geek Canada.  Many of these courses are even available as e-learning courses at no additional cost. Contact us today to register for classes or access the e-learning links below.


In celebration we are offering SDI Advanced, Nitrox or Deep until April 15th for $99 per student. Sign up now for this limited time offer.


SDI E-learning    TDI E-Learning

Light Monkey Products, Luxfer and EEZYCut Now Available

Luxfer Cylinders are now available.



Scuba Geek is happy to announce that we are now carrying Light Monkey products and the EEZYCut line of cutting devices.


Light Monkey makes an excellent line of dive lights, reels, and more which we will be adding to the on-line store over the coming days and weeks.


The EEZYCut is simply an amazing compact cutting device that works like no other. EEZYCut is currently in stock, so get yours today.



light monkey logo



PADI Dive Training Now available from Scuba Geek

Scuba Geek now has PADI dive training classes available here in Ottawa.

Open Water Courses are available now in addition to PADI continuing education courses and CPR and Frist Aid.

Call us today to book your open water classes (613) 627-1128