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Technical Diver Training


Technical Diving allows you to extend your diving limits safely by using the correct techniques, training and equipment to go beyond the limits of recreational diving whether it be inside a shipwreck, beyond the decompression limits, into a cave or under the ice.


Technical diving usually means diving with "doubles" which are two tanks banded together and connected via a manifold with two valves and two regulators.  This provides redundancy in case of equipment failure.  Technical diving can also be accomplished with a large single tank and an H or Y valve which allows for the use of two redundant regulators.



When you begin technical diving you never "just go for a dive" since going beyond the recreational limits mean planning your dive both in terms of gas choice, gas usage, turn pressures and equipment consideration. Usually in Canada these longer dives also mean the use of a drysuit.


Technical diving is not for everyone, but those who undertake it are rewarding by being able to dive in locations and under conditions recreational divers generally do not reach.


Doing technical diving safely requires additional equipment and planning, but allow you to extend your limits safely and with confidence when its done correctly.


Contact Scuba Geek Canada today and inquire about TDI technical diver training.


Some of the course we offer include


Intro to Tek

Advanced Wreck

Advanced Nitrox

Decompression Procedures

Nitrox Gas Blender

Trimix Gas Blender


There are more courses available including Cave and Rebreather course.  Contact us today if these interest you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (613) 627-1228